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2023 TBRS Exercise Challenge

The 2023 TBRS Community Summit is bringing our community back together for the first time since 2019!


Date: 04/01/23 – 04/30/23
Duration: 30 Days
Time: 7:22 PM – 7:22 PM (EST)

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Who Can Participate? Anyone in the TBRS Community, Friends and Family

When is it?  Begin gathering your pledges in March and start your Challenge in April (you pick the start and end date that works for you).

How Does it Work? 

 – Select any movement activity you would like to do. Walking, jogging, bicycling, riding in a wagon/stroller, swimming, dancing – really any activity of your choice that promotes movement!

 – Select a realistic goal. Example: I will walk “10” miles, or I will ride my bike for “120 minutes” in the month of April.

 – Ask family, friends, neighbors, coworkers to sponsor you.

 – Track sponsors on the printable sheet and/or using the online platform:

 – Track your own movement activity progress.

 – When your Challenge is finished, everyone is responsible to collect from their individual sponsors.

Why Donate?  The TBRS Community’s goal is to advance TBRS research through the TBRS Collaborative Research Network and a global patient registry. We bring together TBRS families by hosting an annual Family Conference, providing education and emotional support, awarding scholarships to people with TBRS, sending care packages to families in crisis, and so much more. Donations are tax deductible.


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