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Kacee Richter: The Heartbeat of Our TBRS Family

Imagine our community as a huge, heartwarming campfire. We’re all gathered around, sharing stories, warmth, and light. In this circle, every spark contributes to the blaze, and today we celebrate a special volunteer who keeps the flames burning bright and strong – Kacee Richter.

Kacee isn’t just a founding board member; she’s the heart and soul behind so much of what we do. From the get-go, she’s been all in, helping plan our conferences, spreading the word through awareness events, and just being that person who loves bringing us all together. Remember the Baylor meet-up where families got to tour the lab where important TBRS research happens? That was all Kacee. 

But it’s not just the big stuff. Kacee’s all about the day-to-day, reaching out to families, making sure we’re all feeling connected and supported. She is always there to celebrate our wins and comfort us during our struggles. She is the president of our TBRS Community, helps coordinate our volunteers, and honestly, just makes things happen.

And talk about going the extra mile—Kacee’s a powerhouse for rallying her community and raising funds. We’re talking over $145,000 raised, all funneling into TBRS research. Every single dollar is a step closer to finding treatments, and that’s what drives her. Kacee’s on a mission, fueled by love and a fierce determination to make life better for families affected by TBRS.

So here’s to Kacee, our chief firestarter, heart-warmer, and path-lighter. Her big heart is at the center of everything we do, keeping our community flames burning bright and drawing us closer together. She has reminded us of the power of coming together, sharing our stories, and working as one toward a future full of hope and breakthroughs.

To Kacee and every one of you who adds your spark to our fire: thank you. It is your warmth, energy, and belief in our cause that keeps our community fire roaring. Together, we’re not just sharing light; we’re igniting change, one family, one event, one breakthrough at a time.

Let’s keep the fire burning, TBRS family. With Kacee leading the way and all of us pitching in, there’s no telling how bright we’ll shine.

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