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Seeking Nominations for Katherine McMahon Memorial Award

Katherine McMahon was a founding board member of The Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome Community. She followed the stories of each person affected by TBRS like they were her own family. She cheered for our accomplishments and cried with us during difficult times. She traveled all the way to England for the first TBRS Conference at The Child Growth Foundation Convention, attended the TBRS Community Conference in the USA, and made time for every other event and fundraiser. Along with her support, she brought her laugh and upbeat energy, which were contagious.

Kathy lived her life as a fierce advocate for people with disabilities. She always chose their best interests above all else. She was never afraid to speak up in order to make things right for someone at a disadvantage. Kathy was known, on several occasions, to fill an empty refrigerator with food and to gather furniture to fill people’s homes if they were in need. She showed up to visit and help if someone was feeling down or ill. She assembled the troops on many occasions, to make sure there were gifts and food for those in need during the holiday season. To know Kathy was to know kindness and love. Kathy was taken from us by cancer on September 13, 2019, the day after her 55th birthday.

The TBRS Community will keep Kathy’s spirit alive. We ask for nominations from our community to honor a person who embodies Kathy’s kindness, generosity, and “can do” attitude. This person may have quietly offered their assistance to someone in need, organized a meaningful event, completed a service project, advocated strongly on someone’s behalf, committed an act of bravery, an act of kindness, etc.

To nominate someone, please send a short explanation (3 paragraphs or less) about who you are nominating and why to: [email protected] or mail to TBRS Community, 122 Hunns Lake Road, Stanfordville, NY 12581

Nominations are due by 9/1/2020.

Winner will be announced in November. The recipient will be honored with a small gift and lots of appreciation.

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