Collaborative Research Network Conference


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11/12/20 - 11/13/20

Collaborative Research Network Conference

Scientists are clinicians will gather for the first meeting devoted to TBRS, DNMT3A, and related topics.


11/12/20 - 11/13/20
2 Days
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


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The TBRS Community is organizing the first-ever TBRS Collaborative Research Network Conference. This virtual event will feature presentations by scientists and clinicians who are experts on TBRS, DNMT3A (the gene that causes TBRS), overgrowth and neurodevelopmental disorders, and related topics.

The goals of the meeting are to foster discussion among this group of scholars and develop research priorities for understanding and, ultimately, treating TBRS.

Among the confirmed speakers are Kate Tatton-Brown of St. George’s Hospital, Timothy Ley of Washington University School of Medicine, and Ayala Tovy of Baylor College of Medicine. The TBRS Community will present the results of its survey of families on their most pressing questions and needs. The organizers hope to align these priorities with ongoing TBRS research.

With a generous grant from the National Organization for Rare Disorders, The TBRS Community has hired a virtual conference vendor to facilitate the production of presentations and host the event. The conference will be held over two days and will be a mix of pre-recorded talks, live Q&As, and open discussion forums. To encourage collaboration and allow for the presentation of preliminary data and work in progress, this event is not open to the public.